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  • Happiness can be found

    even in the darkest of times,

    if one only remembers

    to turn on the light.”

    ~Albus Dumbledore

    Yes, as you breath – there is hope.

    Yes, even when you think you cannot, you do have it within you. 

    Yes, life experiences can be painful.

    But they don’t have to define you.

    Yes, sometimes at your lowest is when you’ll find the strength to stretch beyond the possible.

    Yes, you can stop struggling and start living authentically.


    Have you felt stressed, anxious, or depressed? Do you sometimes feel angry, upset, or sad? Are those feelings affecting your quality of life?  Are you looking for a way to feeling better and living your best life?

    Yes, there is hope.

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    About Me

    I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over fifteen years experience helping clients in Virginia and Hawaii overcome life’s challenges and live their best lives. I’m trained and certified in numerous therapeutic techniques so we can find the best way to help you on life’s journey.

    Let's work on a better you today than you were yesterday.