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    Mind-Body (and Brain) Therapies

    Mind-Body (and Brain) therapies, focus on the interactions between the body, mind, and the brain.  When there is a disconnect between them it affects all facets of a person (emotional, spiritual, mental, social, and behavior).  

    Trauma is preverbal. Consequently affects the brain.  It disengages the Broca’s Area (speech center) which makes it very difficult to talk about.  What happens instead is the body goes into fight or flee mode. It is survival at its peak.

    With trauma or traumatic events it’s essential to incorporate mind-body (and brain) therapies as an adjunct to talk therapy to promote new pathways to healing the body, mind, and brain as a whole system.

    Mind-body (and brain) therapies utilized in ZenMind Therapy:


    • Tai Chi
    • Qigong


    • Hypnotherapy (Eriksonian)
    • Transcendental Meditation (TM)
    • Guided meditation, imagery


    • Expressive therapy
    • Art as therapy


    • Alpha Stim (CES & MET)
    • HeartMath 

    If you can relate to feeling as if your brain is telling you one thing and your body is saying something else, or there’s a disconnect between the body and the brain, you may benefit from these adjunct therapies (also known as complementary therapies). 

    Contact me to find out more information and how these therapies mary start you on your path of healing.